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Monday, 19 November 2012

Tunes that mark time

Strange isn't it the effect music can have?
I am certainly aware that taking time to stop and listen to songs has always been an important part of my life, and the amazing daughters are beginning to find their tastes and style now which is a joy to watch if not to listen to. I grew up with music playing most of the time at home and now have a very fond attachment to Fleetwood Mac, Gerry Rafferty and even Dr Hook and I'm word perfect to most Rod Stewart tracks. ( That gives my age away!!) Later on I explored my own tastes blowing my pocket money on the latest vinyl single. First single? Yazoo, 'Don't Go'. I had the added bonus of an elder and wiser sister who bought far more records than I but which I could then copy! The technology of cassettes was great for Top 40 mixes,( copying big sis's tunes)and the gift of personlised compilations always introducing something new from dear friends. Some of these relics I have kept to this day, and an airplay of any tracks from them transports me and my mood. Barrel's boy may have gone digital but his mixes still delight me as they did 26 years ago and are responsible for connecting me to artists whom I may never have found.

I deployed a wide choice of deflectors during my unplanned, lengthy , uncomfortable stay in hospital to distract me in those darker times; prayer, chocolate , writing, visits from friends and family and of course music. Music soothes, energises, rocks and moves me. My music was a mainstay in the regime of the hospital day. I only had to switch on the iPod and I could transport myself. ( I even texted Jo Whiley show one night for a Cure didn't get played though!) It got my mind recalling cracking tracks that have marked special and momentous times in my life; 'Fields of Gold' Sting version at my wedding, 'My Way' at Gorgeous Great Uncle Gus funeral, 'Unbelievable' by Happy Mondays which played constantly during a frantic and fun girls holiday, Frankie Valy, 'Oh What a Night' takes me straight back to Locust Valley. Songs just kept popping up. I even replayed the entire dance routine a girlfriend and I did for Wham's 'Young Guns'; (just in memory, I'm not up to doing that at present even if my hair is very suited to that era). My grunge phase is hazy, my dance phase hazier still and some tunes I truly love will never be confessed.

A thought grabbed me during these recollections; what tunes would get played at my funeral. Afear not. I'm not melancholy and maudlin, in fact I've had similar discussion on this subject at dinner parties. Yes it's true that during my previous 'pop' episode in March death was a real possibility, now , whilst my health is far from perfect and at times still scary and painful, my demise is hopefully a long way off in my future. After a few moments spent mulling this over I realised picking tunes for this kind of event is a thorny problem best left to those behind to sort out as it would be other people's good memories being triggered not mine. So I end this ramble of no particular purpose just being thankful for the music, ( no, no ABBA please) the good and the bad, and if had to have my pick today for just one 'Eulogy Song', (which no doubt would be different if you asked me tomorrow, next twenty get the picture) is 'Stand' by REM.


  1. very true, music transports you, inspires you and makes you cry...... that's why we have it and its so important. much love sx