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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Happy Annie

Today is exactly 6 months since my head pop.

Not sure if that is something to celebrate as an anniversary or not.

I Know that being here is definitely worth cherishing but the day itself...hmmm not sure about that. I am pretty sure my close family and friends who were with me back in march would prefer to forget that day entirely, me, well I can't remember it anyway so I have a head start. But here i am, the sun is shining and that was then and this is now.

It's been another few weeks of ups and down in the tifty house. James like any rogue racing driver is doing his own thing regardless of whether it suits my arrogant! so my shunt has needed adjusting , not once, twice but three times ( a lady?). It is a bit like adjusting your car tyre pressure, even the kit is a bit similar, And now we wait again to see if this setting is more suited to the gerbils pee rate..

Folks your brain is amazing, it rolls and moves and adjusts the fluid like a perfectly oiled machine, my brain with James Shunt however is a bit more crude and clunky, and yes on occasion noisy. No sudden movements for me unless I wants be dizzier than I was after too many champagne cocktails in NYC many moons ago. At times this makes me despair. My body is healing well but nausea and dizziness mean I can't take the walks or do the things I so desperately want to do. Patience, time, is my daiy mantra but blooming difficult to swallow sometimes.

The brain docs will be taking a peek inside my noodle at the end of the month to check that the platinum coil they so cleverly placed is still there...."what you mean it can move?" yes that was my reaction too. Apparently very unlikely but worth checking. So how do they take a look? Well obviously they go up through your groin!! So that's something I have learnt, non cutting brain procedures require a bikini wax as part of preparation so that its not embarrassing to face the surgeon the following day. Who knew?

Onwards and upwards, each day is new and full of possibility, ok some of them I just have to lie around doing very little but I've come so far already. 6 months ago I didn't die, and in my eyes that's a pretty super, amazing and fantastic thing to recognise and celebrate.

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