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Monday, 13 August 2012

A bit like 'Norm'

Anybody used to watch Cheers? Wow, I liked that programme, the cheesy song to which I can remember all the lyrics still, the on off Sam, Diane relationship and the rousing cry of 'Norm' whenever he entered the establishment. Recently I feel I have learnt a little what the Norm experience is like and the comfort of it. I , like most, never planned a future punctuated with hospital stays and illness yet here I find myself adjusting to this new state of affairs. In this altered life landscape I find that remembrance and recognition of me by a nurse or doctor is very reassuring. I ponder this a while and decide that the personal connection I may have gained on a previous visit I'm sure brings both of us confidence in how to treat and be treated. Knowing what lies behind the name , what they like, how they react, their style means I certainly feel more able to relax and take reassurement in my surroundings. It's not as alien. I'm sure Norm felt the same. True he got a beer in his surroundings and i may just have the morning after hangover but a friendly greeting by name means I'm much happier and confident being somewhere that uses my name. Only one small problem, girl opposite bed has same friendly greetings not all meant for me and worth dohble checking medicines are really for me

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