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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

That's not my name

Once something is decided in our house these days we tend to treat it as fact from that point onwards and don't spend any more time discussing it. My squirrel like attention span means I have already moved on to the next thought or maybe I'm just admiring the way the light is catching the trees, maybe the gerbils are having a little scrabble and I'm listening in, either way you get the picture the fact is I move on extremely quickly and the family are catching onto that practice too and embracing it it seems.

Sometimes though our speedy decision making can leave a story untold and some slightly bemused faces in our wake as they aren't too sure what they missed, ' should we ask?' I expect they are wondering.

Youngest beloved daughter came home from school earlier this year when head pop effects were beginning to ease a tiny bit and announced that she wanted to change her name. She explained that there were lots of other wonderful girls at school with the same name which meant that she was called by her full name, Christian and surname by everyone, all of the time. I could see how that would be annoying.  "Great, fabulous idea" I agreed. Actually I was super proud this eight year old had the confidence and thought to come up with it. By the time hubby got home from work it was fait accompli in my mind and he was wondering why we kept saying 'bell' all the time. Next stop was a letter to school and it was job done.

 Thing is we had her birthday party this weekend and it suddenly hit home that actually I hadn't done a particularly good job at communicating the change to everyone who should know. School friends, yey ! Grandad. Oops. Auntie. Oops. Implementation successful. Communication rubbish!  Her birthday cards bear this out, you would think I had twins living in the house, that or a bipolar. As for my Facebook account, friends must be thinking 'why is she calling her daughter by a different name.... ' Those of you who know what I used to do of a living will be laughing themselves silly but it was actually very liberating to just make the change and move on but it's another little reminder that my head thinks and just does stuff a little differently to the head I previously knew. I just presumed everyone must know. Interesting stuff.

So the daughter formerly known as Izzy is now just Bel. Just so you know.

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