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Friday, 4 October 2013

I think like a squirrel

We've all seen the little squidges, hard at work, furiously at work burying their latest nut, totally concentrating on their task at hand when all of a sudden they lift their head and bound off in another direction and start the same thing all over again. This week I have felt a strong connection with my furry cousins and had moments when I have felt like Scratch out of Ice Age as I repeatedly have gone back to a task that I had thought I had done but in fact had only imagined I had done it so each time my nut was missing!! Blooming annoying.

So what? I hear you say, you do that all the time too. Well that's probably true but I've been learning all about my brain this week and I have learnt reasons for changes like the one I describe above. Whereas I was thinking that my memory had deteriated post my SAH I have now learnt that in fact my processing power has probably gone down a notch or two, so it's not that I don't remember it's just I just didn't file the information fully in the first place. And the good news is that hopefully I can continue to retrain and reboot my brain , YEY!

Life marches on with me. I'm back at work for a fair few hours now,I am managing weekly trips to my London hospital for rehab completely unaided and physically I remind myself more of the pre pop Tifty. Who would've thought all that was possible even twelve months ago, not me for sure, yet here we are. Time has passed Slowly but it has been kind, and after lots of baby steps , gritted teeth and the odd few moves backwards and sideways, its good to report that its going pretty well right now. I know that this dance will continue long into the future, maybe my entire life, but I suppose I am more familiar with the steps which makes it a little easier when I stumble or fall.

I still set myself little goals each day, a trick that Headway introduced me to early on. Admittedly some days those are simpler than others but there is some satisfaction to be had in putting a load of washing on, honestly there is. I didn't say enjoyment please note, I derive satisfaction that I could complete the task I planned to. Wanted to clear that up as I don't want friends to worry I have had a complete personality change and now enjoy doing the laundry!

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