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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Happy birthday to ya!

The last month has been a good month mostly. Some ups. Less downs so on the whole I will chalk this up under 'still improving ever so slightly' category of recovery phases as opposed to ' completely crappy' or ' neither here nor there'.

To lift spirits I've been fortunate that I've had visits from not one but two of my dearest friends in the last week who also just happen to reside halfway around the other side of the world now; was it something I said? Anyway, it was great to see them though if a little emotional and I can recommend a transatlantic friend or two comes in very handy if you're ever ill and stuck in hospital. I found it so comforting last year to have someone to keep me company by text on the late and noisy nights, and someone who loves you in another time zone is just the ticket. My friend might disagree as when I told her I was being kept awake by a fire alarm ( rubbish noises when you had the head from hell that I did) She did point out that maybe I should be evacuating and not texting her. As usual it was the nurses setting off the alarm with the toaster. Or then another time when I was texting and shared i was not feeling great then promptly fell asleep so not replying to next text, it's always nice to bring faraway folk closer by worrying the hell out of them via technology.

This month also saw a trip to the neurophyschogist. Hard enough to spell that, in fact that could have been the first check, spell as many words as you can with neuro in them. All in all it was a very enjoyable few hours spent naming as many fruits as I could in 1 minute, completing mental arithmetic tests, being a human thesarus and spotting what's missing from pictures. I don't have the results as yet but I'm sure it will just confirm what I suspect , that my brains filing cabinet may have been knocked over but I just need to continue to work out where everything has been put now. Most of the time its where I left it but sometimes there's a little surprise instead. I think all the questions about fruit obviously affected me during the session as later I wanted to answer banana more than once but managed to hold myself in check. Fruit Tourette's obviously.

I quite gratefully handed the medical spotlight baton style over to my sister a few weeks ago as she managed to contract a strain of bird pneumonia. Thankfully shes over the worst of it and mich better now so The search for a cause has started. Fingers have been pointed at the bat that flew into her bedroom as beng the likely culprit of carrying this nasty bacteria strain but I confess we havent been as generous with support as we could be and there has been the odd rendition of 'Bat in the Bedroom , what is she gonna do?'. Cruel I know but laughter is the best medicine and after all she's the one who started all the business about the gerbils in the brain....

Oh that reminds me. Huge milestone. James is one year old next week. Happy Birthday James. Wow. So this time last year I started my blog whilst in hospital feeling miserable waiting to see what my prognosis would be and then before I knew it I had a super new haircut, staples aplenty and James Shunt has taken up residence in my head. It's been an uneasy partnership since then as i have got used to life with a toilet overflow type device onboard at the same time as recovering from the SAH but I think it is safe to say but we are doing well. Really well.

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